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Robinson R22 Beta D-HEAD D-HEAD

April 2nd, 2015


149.222 USD
Helicopter Type: R22 Beta
Engine: Lycoming O320 B2C
Year of Manufacture: 1990
Expiration Year: 2025
Remaining Years: 10
Total Hours: 6600
Remaining Hours: 2200
Color: blue over white
Condition: fresh Overhauled
Price: 149.222 USD

Worth Knowing Details

This Helicopter is just undergoing the 2200h/12Y Overhaul.
The Aircraft is equipped with a transponder Mode S and a 9hole Panel, Directional Indicator and a VOR for Training.
Everthing will be set back, so that the new happy owner can use it for the next 2200 and/or 10years. The Helicopter has got Black leather interior and the Exterior can still be choosen by the new owner. We prefer to leave the Beta paintscheme, as it really looks still great. The Helicopter was three times overhauled at the Manufacture in the US. There he got a bar metal down Painting each time and last time in 2008 a brand new interior. So you can easy call him a Modell 2015.
Not yet the Clock has start to run ;-)

All AD´s/SB´s are perofmed. The Bladdertanks are as well installed.

VAt, if applicable.

Exterior Pictures

Interior Pictures

Further Information

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