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Robinson R44 Raven 2 G-CECX CECX

January 4th, 2018


155.444 Euro
Helicopter Type: R44 Raven 2
Engine: IO540
Year of Manufacture: 2006
Expiration Year: 2018
Total Hours: 1418
Remaining Hours: 782
Color: Bluemetallic
Condition: Excellent
Price: 155.444 Euro

Worth Knowing Details

CECX is a lovely Raven 2 in excellent shape! She was privatly owned and very well maintained. She will be timedout by Calendar in Auguast 2018, and has got TSN 1418. In 2013 one MR Blade was replaced against a new one and in 2015 the otherone. That is the reason, why she has got Blade until 2025 and 2027. 
The Heli has got Leatherseats and is in newly condition.

-Bubble Doors all around
-Garmin 328GTX, Mode S Transponder
-Leatherpockets in the Doors
-Aritifical Horizont
-Directional Indicator
-GPS (SKYmap)
-ELT 406

VAT, if applicable

Exterior Pictures

Interior Pictures

Further Information

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