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Lycoming Engine O540 F1B5 O540 F1B5

August 2nd, 2018

29.500 Euro


O540 F1B5 fresh overhauled, Zerotimed. We need a serviceable, but timed out O540 F1B5 as Core back.

Engine comes with a fresh Form 1, issued at the date of purchase. So the 12y/2200h will start from the date of purchase.

The Price includes the overhauled Magnetos, Starter, Alternator. Everything Zerotimed.

But for all components we need coreparts back.
VAT, if applicable

Helicopter Type: O540 F1B5
Engine: O540 F1B5
Expiration Year: 2031
Remaining Years: 12
Total Hours: 2200
Remaining Hours: 2200

Further Information

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