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September 21st, 2019


24.999 Euro
Helicopter Type: R22 Beta
Engine: O320 B2C
Year of Manufacture: 1990
Expiration Year: 2020
Remaining Years: 1
Remaining Hours: 80
Color: Yellow over black Beta 2 Paitscheme
Condition: lightly damaged
Price: 24.999 Euro

Worth Knowing Details

OSAZ is a R22 Beta which was privatly owned. She has got grey Leathersaets and got at the last overhaul a fully respray in black with yellow Beta 2 Paitscheme.
When we pick her up by our trailer an accident happened on the motorway where a small buss hit our trailer and slightly as well the Tailboom, horizontal an vertical Stabilizer. Everything else seem to be ok. The upperframe, the gearbox and the blades with the firewall is absolutly ok. We sell as-is. We removed the tank for inspection, so to show the good status.
No VAT applicable, as she comes from privat.

Exterior Pictures

Further Information

Are you interested in the R22 Beta G-OSAZ OSAZ and would like to get more information? Simply call us +49-177-7777345 / +49-2736-2995339 or use our Contact Form to leave us a message!