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R22 Engine O320 B2C B2C

June 9th, 2021


6.900 Euro
Engine: O320 B2C
Expiration Year: 2013
Remaining Hours: 1438
Price: 6.900 Euro

Worth Knowing Details

Lycoming O320B2C out of an R22 Beta.
The engine has only 862h since overhaul. It was overhauled at Looma ion belgium 2011. So the engine is timed out by calendar, not by hours. We removed the engine due to the Fact, that we overhauled the R22 with another engine, which we always keep on stock.
Engine is in running condition, conservated in our workshop.
For additional 2000 Euro, we supply the engine with a starter, Alternator and fresh overhauled Magnetos.
Price is plus VAT, if applicable.

Exterior Pictures

Further Information

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