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November 3rd, 2020


55.000 Euro
Helicopter Type: Astro
Engine: O540 F1B5
Year of Manufacture: 1993
Expiration Year: 2020
Total Hours: 4180
Remaining Hours: 220
Color: blue over white Astro Paintscheme
Condition: nice
Price: 55.000 Euro

Worth Knowing Details

This R44 we know since many many years. We importet it someyears ago from norway. Since then she was well maintained by either us or another RHC Servicecenter in Germany. 
THe Heli is the basic Astro Version without Hydraulic´s. Due to the Blade AD, and there is no hydraulic installed, this one is grounded. The Heli flies great, and the good thing is, that even the Engine has got lot of hours and years remaining.
Equipped is the R44 with a 8.33 khz Radio, and a Transponder Mode S. As well there is an Artifical Horizont, and a Directional Gyro installed. 
Inside there are Leatherseats. 
We have the full history in our hands.

Price is plus VAT, if applicable

Exterior Pictures

Interior Pictures

Further Information

Are you interested in the R44 Astro D-HFAL/OE-XKA and would like to get more information? Simply call us +49-177-7777345 / +49-2736-2995339 or use our Contact Form to leave us a message!