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R44 Raven 1 24V SLOT

May 12th, 2015


399.000 USD
Helicopter Type: R44 Raven 1
Engine: O-540 F1B5
Year of Manufacture: 2015
Expiration Year: 2027
Remaining Years: 12
Total Hours: 12
Remaining Hours: 2188
Color: Bluemetallic
Condition: NEW
Price: 399.000 USD

Worth Knowing Details

We have one Slot of a brand new R44 Raven 1, delivery date in about 3 month available. The Helicopter has got standard equippment, without any additionally things. It will be laready the latest 24 Volt Version!

The Following Standard are installed:
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Hydraulic Power Controls
Bladder Fuel Tanks with Auxiliary Fuel System

Cabin Heater and Defogger Removable Dual Controls Rotor Brake
RPM Throttle Governor Carbon Monoxide Detector Throttle Correlator

RHC Oil Filter
Engine Oil Quick-Drain Carb Heat Assist
Six-Hole Instrument Panel

Rate-of-Climb Indicator
Airspeed Indicator
Rotor and Engine Dual Tachometer Sensitive Altimeter (in-Hg) Manifold Pressure Gage

Garmin GTR 225B COM w/15 Mem Ch on Cyclic Grip Garmin GTX 327 Transponder w/Mode C Alt Encoder Intercom System with VOX, AEM AA83 (Stereo and

Music Compatible)
Floor and Hand Intercom Switches Avionics Master Switch

Clock (Quartz)
Magnetic Compass
Digital OAT Gage/Voltmeter Hourmeter (Collective Activated) Oil Temp and Pressure Gages Cylinder Head Temp Gage
Fuel Gages
Carb Air Temp Gage

Fabric Velour Seats
Door Opener, Gas Spring, All Four Doors Tinted Windshield and Door Windows* Inertia Reel Shoulder Harnesses Adjustable Pedals on Pilot’s Side Carpeting and Acoustic Interior
Muffler and Soundproofing
Under-Seat Storage Compartments
Door Locks
Hard Point on Belly

Low Voltage Light
Low Oil Pressure Light
Low Fuel Light
Low Rotor RPM Light and Horn Main Gearbox Temp Light
Main Gearbox Chip Light
Tail Gearbox Chip Light
Rotor Brake Engaged Light Starter Engaged Light
Engine Fire Light
Clutch Actuator Light
Governor Off Light
Full Throttle Caution Light

Dual Landing Lights
Panel, Map and Courtesy Lights
LED Anti-Collision Light and Navigation Lights

Tow-Cart Adapter
Ground Handling Wheels Windshield Cover
Custom Fabric Travel Bag Rotor Blade Tie-Downs

VAt, if applicable, Worldwide Shipping from Torrance/USA (Manufacture) not yet included in the price.

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Exterior Pictures

Further Information

Are you interested in the R44 Raven 1 24V SLOT and would like to get more information? Simply call us +49-177-7777345 / +49-2736-2995339 or use our Contact Form to leave us a message!