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Robinson R22 Beta OE-XTX XTX

March 13th, 2019


139.000 Euro
Helicopter Type: R22 Beta 2
Engine: O320B2C
Year of Manufacture: 1994
Expiration Year: 2031
Remaining Years: 12
Remaining Hours: 1575
Color: darkblue metallic
Condition: Excellent
Price: 139.000 Euro

Worth Knowing Details

OE-XTX, know as G-BRWD prior, is a perfect ship in excellent condition. We performed a 12y inspection, with getting the Engine overhauled and Zerotimed. Blades are running out in the year 2028 and everything else is really good in times and hours. The Airframe is good until year 2031now! She got on the airframe 12y now and got a new Tailcone with a new upper Frame. As well as we performed all AD/SB. As well the Main and the auxillary tanks were replaced now against Bladdertanks. So she can be set up in any AOC, or for private use. There is nothing waht need to be exchanged for the next 700h.
Important: We changed as well the Hub etc, so that she is not anylonger running on "oilpressure-activated-Hourmeter"...from now on she is "Collective-Activated" this gives a plus of 12% effective Flightime!

We spend as well a lot of money in the new interior and installed brand new dark blue Leatherseats (Bentleystyle) with new Carpets.
She got now a Gamin 328 GTX  Transponder and a Garmin 255 (8.33) latest style Radio.

Price is plus VAT, if applicable

Exterior Pictures

Further Information

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