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Robinson R44 Astro Cheapest in the world! Cheapest

March 24th, 2018


29.999 Euro
Helicopter Type: R44 Astro
Engine: O540F1B5
Year of Manufacture: 1994
Total Hours: 4180
Remaining Hours: 280
Color: Bluemetallic
Condition: there are nicer ones out there
Price: 29.999 Euro

Worth Knowing Details

This R44 is the cheapest R44 in the whole world! That is for shure.
We got her in as a trade-in. She was stored some time with the last owner. They took some parts out and off, which were (as core parts) delivered with the Heli. We don´t know about the technical status, what we know is that some small bits and pieces (like the Clutch switch, the Nav light, the rain cab, the Low RPM Horn, etc) are missing. We can supply, all these parts for additional costs.
For your Information we deliver her with a set of timed out Mainrotorblades as Core. 
We sell her, as-is. She is really not a nice looking birds, but she is accident free. It seems she was painted last time with a brush or a spray-can. So the paintjob is really bad. She has no  Bladdertanks installed. Clutch, Starter, Exhaust with collectors, all is there.
So for a long winterevening project ther is a fair chanceto get her back flying. The engine has got about 800 H remaining but no calendar anymore (we haven´t checked it ourself, it is the statement from the last owner). As well the interior is worn, the cushings are showing wholes, the leather is not tooo bad, but would need as well some love.. So overall, she is cheap, but there is a reason why ;-)

The Enginelogbook is there, but the Airframelogbook (green one) is missing. It shouldn´t be an issue to get the technical history, as she was used in an AOC. So all should be there, on request.
VAT, if applicable, sold as-is, where is.

Exterior Pictures

Interior Pictures

Further Information

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