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Robinson R44 Astro D-HCFE HCFE

October 18th, 2019


39.999 Euro
Helicopter Type: R44 Astro
Engine: O540 F1B5
Year of Manufacture: 1997
Expiration Year: 2019
Total Hours: 4400
Color: white/red
Condition: Nice
Price: 39.999 Euro

Worth Knowing Details

D-HCFE is the "good old" Astroversion without Hydraulics. She was all her life well taken care by an apporved RHC Service Center. HFCE ist flying very well and in flying Condition. Nevertheless she is timed out by hours. So a perfect Canditate for an Overhaul with Hydraulic Installation at the same time. 
Price is plus VAT, if applicable

Exterior Pictures

Further Information

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