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Robinson R44 Astro OE-XXV XXV

March 6th, 2019


45.000 Euro
Helicopter Type: R44 Astro
Engine: O540 F1B5
Year of Manufacture: 1997
Expiration Year: 2020
Remaining Years: 1
Total Hours: 3855
Remaining Hours: 90
Color: Black
Condition: good
Price: 45.000 Euro

Worth Knowing Details

LN-OCJ just arrived from our customer in Norway, and is now OE-XXV. We know the Aircraft, previous as D-HUML, since she was sold in 2004 to Norway. She was always well maintained and got in 2007 a fully respray in the previous owners companycolors.
She has got Leather grey and has got a 9hole Panel. Installed is a Radio Gamin 255 (8.33) and a Garmin 328 TX Transponder Mode S.
As well LN-OCJ is one of the last ones with the very dark tinted Windshields all around!
....she looks  stunning!. 
To give "some sugar on the cake" she has got a Cargohook and Bearpaws installed. As well, for additonal costs, we are happy to sell with the Heli a 60m Longline for lifting heavy things.
Due to the Blade AD she is limited to be flown until Jan 2020.
Remaining are 90hrs.
Many high valuable Psrts like Clutch, MR Hub, Tailrotorblades were recently installed and make a potential Overhaul cheaper.
Price plus VAT, if applicable

Exterior Pictures

Interior Pictures


Further Information

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