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Robinson R44 Raven D-HEFA D-HEFA

December 12th, 2014


205.444 Euro
Helicopter Type: R44 Raven 1
Engine: Lycoming O540 F1B5
Year of Manufacture: 2004
Expiration Year: 2024
Total Years: 11
Remaining Years: 6
Total Hours: 2195
Remaining Hours: 1385
Color: dark blue
Condition: great
Price: 205.444 Euro

Worth Knowing Details

D-HEFA is in perfect condition and looks really great in its dark blue color with the Leather Tan! It is very well maintainend and flies like a dream! 
HEFA is a perfect candidate for a private user, as it has got enough hours remaining for the next 6 years. After runing out either by hours and/or calendar, we are happy to buy her back. 
It is a real perl!
She is carrying  brand new C016-7 Mainrotorblades with about 2100h and/or life until 05/2031 remaining.  The Engine is just fresh overhauled and the Mainrotorgearbox is changed against a brand new one recently For the remaining times, please check out the List under "downloads", here on our Webpage.
She just got in August 2018 a fresh overhauled engine installed with 12y and/or 2200h remaining!
Bladdertanks are as well done and all AD/SB complied with!
VAT, if applicable!

Exterior Pictures

Interior Pictures


Further Information

Are you interested in the Robinson R44 Raven D-HEFA D-HEFA and would like to get more information? Simply call us +49-177-7777345 / +49-2736-2995339 or use our Contact Form to leave us a message!