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Robinson R44 Raven G-LMBO LMBO

March 13th, 2019


139.000 Euro
Helicopter Type: R44 Raven 1
Engine: O540 F1B5
Year of Manufacture: 2007
Expiration Year: 2025
Remaining Years: 6
Total Hours: 1701
Remaining Hours: 599
Color: Bluemetallic
Condition: Great
Price: 139.000 Euro

Worth Knowing Details

LMBO is a wonderful example for a perfect Helicopter. She is well equipped with a Gamin 430 and a Transponder Mode S, Tinted windows all around and leatherseats in tan. All AD/SB were perfromed and she has got high valued components already replaced. The most important thing is, that she got brand new Mainrotorblades in 2013, so that she is not infected by the AD and can under change of registration, for private use, carry on flying for at least another 6 years. Only a new set of Tailrotorblades will be needed, when she will be timed out by calendar on the 29th of July this year.
Anyway: she is a perfect candidate for a 12y Inspection as well.
Price is plus VAT, if applicable.

Exterior Pictures

Further Information

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