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Your entry in our part 145!

As you would expect from a well recognised helicopter engineering and sales Centre of Excellence, Startradeheli offers everything needed to keep these remarkable Robinson and Enstrom helicopters flying to the best of their amazing capabilities.

We have the engineering facilities and the capabilities to be your one-stop solution for all aspects of helicopter engineering.

We own all special tools which are requested by the Manufactures Robinson Helicopters and Enstrom Helicopters to make absolut shure the work is performed and measured i.a.w. the manufactures maintenance manuals and requests. This is a minimum requirement for flightsafty and satified customers!

As a add on we offer the chance at a "Service-on-site". this means we do all maintenance on your site. No Maintenance tranferflights nieede. We get over to your place and do the work overthere!


We offer Service, complete Overhauls and Maintenance!

We have a highly experienced group of EASA Part 66 Engineers and are able to give you the best support around Maintenance and Service issues. Our Staff have many many years of experience in Helicopter Maintenance in the Robinson and Enstrom Helicopters series.

We perform everything from the 50hrs inspection up to the complete Overhaul of a Helicopter in an amazing time in our from the german LBA approved under EASA regulation approved Part 145.

Our EASA approved Number is DE.145.0499. This is the official confirmation!

We will always give you an up-front price, so that no nasty surprises occur!

Give us a try, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Our highly experienced Team of trained Robinson Engineers are able to perform a complete Overhaul of Robinson Helicopters in about 5-6 weeks. So you can be sure, that you will get it back in the shortest possible time for a fresh overhauled Robinson R44/R22. We are specialists in this field of overhaul, they do exactly know what they need and where to start.

Ask for a quotation, you'll be surprised!

You can visit us also at any time with your Robinson or Enstrom Helicopter for any Service you need!

We have settled into our new  Maintenance facility at Siegerland Airport!


STARTRADEHELI is one of the biggest European retailers for used helicopters made by the well-known brands Robinson Helicopter Company and Enstrom Helicopter Corp. Up to now we have solely made use of our maintenance facilities approved by the German LBA, according to part 145, for maintenance and overhaul of our own helicopters. But now the STARTRADEHELI GmbH & Co. KG is opening its hangar for all owners throughout Europe in order to offer them the highly qualified service of maintenance and overhauling as well.

We employ highly qualified mechanics. Some of them have got more than 30 years experience with the helicopter types Robinson R22/R44, Enstrom F28, F280 Shark and Hughes 269/300. Every mechanic is at least qualified to exercise the EASA Part 66 licence.

STARTRADEHELI is now in the position to offer  most of the time possible to provide spindle bearing replacements for R22 and R44 within 2 days since those parts are usually available ex stock.


We deliver your Helicopter!

We are the only company in Europe which is able to pick up a two bladed Helicopter like the Robinson R22 and R44 with Blades on. That is the reason why we work so close together with all insurers.

We are able to pick up your Helicopter and trailer it with a special custom made trailer to our facility. As you see, we can even offer you the chance to get the Heli serviced in the Wintertime, or in bad weather.

As you see, it can be problem to be unable to fly in the good weather. Fly, when the weather is fine and do the Service, when the weather is bad or the season has gone!

One of our special offers are the worldwide crating and shipping!

We are shipping regulary Helicopters all around the world and our high experienced staff is packing everything, so that we never ever have had any damage!