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Enstrom Mainrotorblade Set (2PCS) Matching set

September 14th, 2015

18.000 Euro


A matching set of Enstrom Mainrotorbladeset. The Blades are in Perfect condition, already painted in the new "red-white" Paintscheme. They flew together on one of our Enstrom 280C Shark. The reason of the replacement was, that the Owner wanted to get the latest Blades, which are as well running on the Turbine (480) Modell.....
Enstrom MR Blades are running "on-condition", so there is no lifelimit (TBO 99999h).
The new price is, for a matching set, 45.000 USD, plus shipping.
This sale is for 3 Blades, but one Blade has got corrossion on the Leadingedge tip. 

VAT, if applicable.
Helicopter Type: All Enstrom Pistonmodells

Exterior Pictures

Further Information

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